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Women and Asset Protection: How Insurance Can Help

Insurance is an important part of your asset protection plan. A good asset protection plan should attempt to: Recognize potential problems before they arise Shield your assets from potential legal liability, and Protect your property, possessions, and income from creditor claims

Saving for College

There's no denying the benefits of a college education: the ability to compete in today's job market, increased earning power, and expanded horizons. But these advantages come at a price. And yet, year after year, thousands of students graduate from college. So, how do they do it?

How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs

As the cost of a college education continues to climb, many grandparents are stepping in to help. This trend is expected to accelerate as baby boomers, many of whom went to college, become grandparents and start gifting what's predicted to be trillions of dollars over the coming decades.