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i•financial Through The Years

May 1984
Sally Starts in the Business
Sally Munford starts in the financial business with her first job in May of 1984. 
October 19, 1987
Black Monday
Oct. 19, 1987, is known as Black Monday following the first financial crisis of the modern global era. The DJIA lost over $500 billion after dropping 22.6%, the largest one-day stock market decline in history. Preceding the event, the federal government disclosed a larger-than-expected trade deficit and the dollar fell in value, undermining investor confidence, and leading to volatility in the markets. Before the U.S. crash, markets in and around Asia plunged followed by New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mexico.
July 1990 - March 1991
The early 1990s recession began in July 1990 and ended in March 1991. Comparatively short-lived and relatively mild, it contributed to George H.W. Bush's re-election defeat in 1992. Following another recession just three years prior, the collapse of the savings-and-loan industry in the mid-1980s, and the U.S. Federal Reserve's interest rate increase in the late 1980s, this recession was sparked by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in the summer of 1990.
The Bubble
The bubble formed as a result of a surge of investments in the internet and technology stocks. The start-up hype led t18 months tripling in value over an 18-month period, peaking in March 2000. By December of 2000, that same index had lost more than half of its value when the bubble burst and wouldn't fully recover until early 2017.
A Passion For Finance
The story of i•financial began when Kevin Moore and Sally Munford met while serving on the board of a local non-profit organization in San Antonio. It was evident when they met, that they shared a passion for finance, placed a high value on integrity, and believed strongly in giving back to the community. These shared beliefs were the foundation of their business partnership.
After working together for about a year, they decided to form their own practice when the company with whom they had an affiliation was acquired. They decided to formalize their business partnership. At this time, Sally had almost 20 years in the personal financial services industry and Kevin had 17 years in the mutual fund industry. After extensive due diligence and analysis, they decided to join the Commonwealth Financial Network. The decision to join a new broker-dealer was also an opportunity to reimagine the business they were building together.
i•financial Is Born
Having everything they needed to start their business, it was now time to choose the name of their company. After many hours of discussion, they settled on i•financial. They gravitated to this name because it reflected their desire to conduct their business in a manner that is individualized to their clients’ needs. The i also reflected their independent thinking, their intention to act with integrity in their actions towards clients and staff, and reflected the comprehensive and inclusive nature of their planning work. With a new identity and a new broker-dealer affiliation, Kevin and Sally2004 officially established i•financial in 2005.
2007-2008 Financial Crisis
The financial crisis of 2007 to 2008, also known as the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, resulted from the U.S. housing market collapse and ultimately led to the Great Recession. Over two years before the crisis, the Fed had been steadily raising the federal funds rate from 1.25% to 5.25%,15 which led to escalating numbers of subprime borrowers defaulting on loans.
Welcome Jake
In later years, Sally and Kevin began to discuss preparations for Sally’s retirement. In recognition of the continued growth of the business and the need to ensure the company had sufficient resources to meet current customer needs and support continued growth, the firm hired Jake Rivas in 2013. Jake initially started as a paraplanner, but has since developed into an Advisor at the firm. Jake works with many of our clients, but his particular areas of focus are retirement plans and working with millennials.
Sally Retires
In 2015, Sally retired after 31 years in the financial services industry. While this marked the end of an era, due to the incredible staff and extensive planning, the transition was seamless. In mid- 2017, i•financial welcomed Denise Moore as a customer service representative. Denise came on board to ensure continued commitment to clients and to provide high-quality customer service. In early 2019, i•financial welcomed Rachel Crager to the team as our client service manager. Rachel joined us to ensure clients receive the warm, attentive service they have grown accustomed to. 
2020 Coronavirus Crash
The 2020 coronavirus stock market crash is the most recent U.S. crash, which occurred due to panic selling following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 16, the drop in stock prices was so sudden and dramatic that multiple trading halts were triggered in a single day. From Feb. 12 to March 23, the DJIA lost 37% of its value and NYSE trading was suspended several times.
Helping our clients live intentional lives while making the financial planning process understandable is our goal. As investment advisors, we operate as fiduciaries, which means we are obligated to act in your best interest, avoid conflicts of interest, disclose all material facts fully and completely, act with utmost good faith, and not mislead clients.