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Financial Plans

Are You Building a House of Cards or a Home?

You know a home requires a solid foundation. But how do you build a solid financial foundation? With so many do-it-yourself retirement investing solutions at your fingertips, it’s easy to think you can simply create your own financial plan without any help.

Managing your own financial planning with a limited understanding of economics, finances, time and without finance professionals to assist you along the way, can have a substantial impact on your future wealth.

Ironically, we don’t question hiring a contractor to lay our home’s foundation, yet roughly, only 50 percent of pre-retiree’s will consult a financial planner to build their financial foundation (Society of Actuaries).

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals provide three key services to build a solid foundation:

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Wealth Management
  • Behavioral Coaching



How we help you build your financial foundation

We use the STEPPing Stones ™ process. This process looks at your whole life, not just the parts, and supplies you with the tools to SET real goals, TAKE a financial inventory, EVALUATE short, intermediate and long-range goals, PROCEED with concrete action items and PROACTIVELY address change.

We develop a customized plan evaluating a variety of financial strategies and then provide a selection of financial plans that are most relevant to your current situation and matched with your goals.


The tools we use to help you build your financial foundation
529 Plans
Hedge Funds
Brokered CD’s
Stocks & Bonds
Closed-end Funds
Structured Products
Bank Deposit Program
13,000+ Mutual Funds
Exchange-traded Funds
Currencies & Commodities
100+ Variable Life/Universal Life Insurance Company